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About time…Toyota FT-86 Concept

Toyota has finally answered the prayers of the many enthusiasts wishing for a “fun” car, rather than the boring and uninspiring lineup that they have now.  While only a concept at this point, we hope this vehicle comes into production close to what you see here.  Even better, check this trailer from Gran Turismo 5!  Click to more photos from Autoblog.

YouTube Preview Image

Toyobaru Coupe=8th Generation Celica?

next toyota celica?

The on-again, off-again, Toyota/Subaru joint venture coupe could be the next Celica…again, it is just here-say until we see an actual car or hear official word from the big T. If this were to be true, this means that the Celica would return to its roots as rear-wheel drive car.  Read more »

Lexus IS-F Evolution


With this recession, and the fact that the automotive industry is in the tank, we already know how all companies now are cutting programs and spending very carefully on development on future projects.  This one still baffles us.  Apparently, Toyota is still going forth with development of an even faster and lighter IS-F…with carbon fiber parts, Read more »

Say it ain’t so…Toyota/Subaru RWD cars on hold again?


We thought that these cars would not be delayed (again), but now comes word that Toyota and Subaru have put their cars on hold indefinitely.  This is a big bummer.  While Subaru can get by with selling Forresters and WRX STis, Toyota is in desperate need of a fun vehicle, and now their future product plans are pretty much Hybrid this and Prius that.  Read more »

About time…Toyota/Subaru Compact Sports Car


With the current state of our auto industry, even powerhouse Toyota, now the #1 automaker in the world, is facing setbacks in the marketplace. Many enthusiasts have been waiting for this vehicle, Read more »

2010 Toyota Prius

While we have seen this car already, Toyota has officially revealed its third generation Prius at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in the Motor City. When the previous generation was unveiled, it wasn’t the prettiest thing on the road, but it was the forebearer of the hybrid cars, selling over one million vehicles worldwide. Today, there are many more hybrid vehicles, and now competition from the likes of the Honda Insight and very soon, Chevrolet Volt. While the new one won’t will any design awards either, expect an average of 50 MPG from the newest green machine.

Autoblog 2009 NAIAS Coverage: 2010 Toyota Prius


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