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Old Navy 50% Off One Item Printable In-Store Coupon

oldnavylogoOld Navy Weekly has a new printable 50% off one item coupon for in-store use. First, click here, and vote for the “best legs” on the mannequins, where all stars must turn blue. Second, wait 15-20 seconds for a kite to appear in the background of the mannequins, and then click on it. You will then be able to print your coupon or email it to yourself.  There are other coupons as well, but this one is the best.

Trim fat by playing video games! Nintendo Wii Fit

personal trainers not included :(

nintendo-wii-fit-1With almost two weeks into the new year, the resolution on many people’s lists include getting into shape. After the damage done from the Holidays, fitness is usual the order. However, we know that resolutions were made to be broken, but why? Wii Fit makes exercising fun and exciting; in a way, “working out” will be an afterthought while you’re playing the Wii. EO carries both Wii Fit and and the bundle that also includes the Wii console just in case you couldn’t find the console at your local store.

Nintendo Wii Fit $159.99 free shipping!

Nintendo Wii with Wii Fit Bundle $519.99 free shipping

Nintendo Wii


nintendo_wiiIf you remember the hype back in Christmas 2006, the hottest gift item for the season was none other than the Nintendo Wii. I remember a few friends driving around from store to store to see if they could pick up a few units. Obviously, any store that got them immediately sold out, and many of those units obviously ended up on eBay within a few hours. For competitor Sony, its Playstation3 did not see that same sales success. Fast forward to 2009, the demand for the Wii is still there surprisingly, with demand still tight in many places. At EO, no waiting in line overnight is needed if you’re still looking for a Wii. If you are lucky and have one already, EO also carries Wii games and accessories. Stay tuned for more Wii topics.

EO’s Nintendo Wii Store

Nintendo Wii including Wii Sports $369.99 FREE SHIPPING

Mazda RX-7 Keychains at Rotary13b1

Customized Mazda RX-7 key chains are now on sale at You can choose this key chain of the original Mazda RX-7 1979-1985 (FB) emblem in black, blue and red. This is the perfect novelty gift for all you RX-7 enthusiasts and Rotary heads. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of this buff car. Pick up some for $12.95 here.

Available in: Black, Blue, or Red Finish: Chrome Plated
Design: RX-7 FB Logo - Keychain
Logo Size: 55mm x 14mm x 2.5mm
Key ring Size: 25mm
Total Length: 100mm

The perfect company for your beloved 1st Generation Mazda RX-7. This key chain takes personalization to the next level! Works perfectly for all models of the RX-7: GS, GSL, GSL-SE.

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