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Lexus HS Drive Promotion

Want a chance to drive a 2010 HS250h for a week? How about a whole year?

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BYD S6…looks so much like a Lexus RX!

Notice any similarity? In case you didn’t know, the first one is the Lexus RX (RX400h Hybrid), and the other one is all new BYD S6.



Apparently, Lexus 2nd generation RX (3rd generation just released) has been cloned by Chinese car company BYD, but this isn’t surprising, as there’s already clones of other Japanese and European cars (why no American?).  This one is quite funny because even the wheels (from the RX400h) were also cloned in the process. This is also the same Read more »

Lexus IS-F Evolution


With this recession, and the fact that the automotive industry is in the tank, we already know how all companies now are cutting programs and spending very carefully on development on future projects.  This one still baffles us.  Apparently, Toyota is still going forth with development of an even faster and lighter IS-F…with carbon fiber parts, Read more »

Wheel of the day: BBS LM


Like we showed you on the Lexus IS-F, many high performance cars sport these wheels as I browse online…so why is that?  Just because they look hot?  Or is it the fact that they just look good on anything they’re on? Read more »

Car of the Day: Lexus IS-F on BBS LM

Haven driven this car on a close-course racetrack, this machine is truly awesome to drive, and unlike anything Lexus has ever made so far. Like all Lexuses, the IS-F is suitable for everyday driving.  When Lexus had a pre-production model set up on a dyno at the Taste of Lexus, and I got to take the car up to 100 mph…boy did it shift way fast (it has an 8-speed automatic), and faster than if you had a stick shift.

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