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Nike Kobe 4 Rings Shirt

With their 15th championship under their belts, the Los Angeles Lakers are only a few more championships away from the Boston Celtics (17-time champions).   For Kobe Bryant, he now has four rings, and this one being significant since he did it without the help of Shaquille O’Neal.  Nike is bringing this limited issue shirt out, with this color only for China, with a black/charcoal shirt available in the United States (also in limited quantities).  We’ll be on the hunt for this shirt!

Nike Zoom Kobe IV

Thoughts on Kobe’s new shoes coming out next year? Personally, Kobe Bryant’s shoes (and Lebron James also) will never touch Michael Jordan’s legacy in the shoe game. With MSRP set for $120, you’ll likely see them on sale shortly. I remember working at Nike and the Zoom Kobe I’s got marked all the way down to $30, which were definite good buys for basketball if you burn through shoes like many hardcore ballers.  The ZKIII’s out right now are at the Nike Factory Store go for about $65, and will likely go down even further.

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