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In4Mation x Casio G-Shock GLX5600

Take three…this will be the third collaboration between In4mation and Casio, but I’m not feeling the color obviously.  I do like the GLX5600 watch, with its nifty moon display, but the apricot color is best reserved for the ladies in my opinion.  Nevertheless, everyone will be appalled once they see that In4mation has done it again.  Now I wish I could  have gotten the first one In4mation watch, the GLX5600 in turquoise, since I have the purple GLS5600 already. More pictures from Highsnobiety on the jump below!

In4mation x G-Shock GLX5600 | Apricot Colorway

Aloha! In4mation x Casio G-Shock is mine!

Either I gave into my inner “hypebeast” or just got lucky: While roaming around the mall over the weekend, I found two of these babies from a local retail department store, when everyone said that all these were sold out online.




In4mation Casio G-Shock GLS-5600X-6JR

In4Mation (from Hawaii!) has collaborated with Casio (their second one, the first one dropped this past summer). MSRP is $130.00, but expect all of them to be gobbled up by the hypebeasts.

In4mation x G-Shock

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