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Make $17k a month business- SOLD!

fishfreeAs I’m writing this, OMG- I can’t believe this website(s) business sold for $250,000 via Buy It Now. That’s right, you read this correctly, somebody paid $250,000 for a couple of flash gaming websites generating about $18,000 a month. I wonder how they are going to handle this transaction… “hey, PayPal me $250K right now” or “wire me $250k” or “send me a nice check for $250k”. Then what?

Who has that sort of money these days anyway? I thought we were in a tight downward spiral of a recession… nobody should have that kind of money, should they? Perhaps a loan at 3%? Cold hard cash sitting in a locker? Mad props to this sale though… here’s the lowdown:

Websites sold: Read more »

Battle Gear

Want to play the Battle Gear game? Play as either the USA, Russia, or China and rewrite history as you know it by conquering the world.  Game on, game now… let’s do battle! Play now… Read more »

Got time to kill? Or just bored at work? Check out

A great place to kill some time when you are bored, or just want to get your mind off things, head over to The Game Roll. Hours and hours of fun and pointless entertainment, and not to mention, totally free!

My favorite of the games happens to be Drag Racer V.3; where I can legally street race without endangering the public.  Below is the garage where I can pick my ride and tune it.  Neat huh!  Like we said, I probably can do that for hours upon hours.  Check The Game Roll on the link below!

Play free games only at The Game Roll!


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