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ALIFE x colette x Casio G-Shock DW5600VT

alife-colette-casio-gshock-00New York brand ALIFE and Paris based colette have collaborated with Casio to come up with this very WHITE G-Shock DW5600.  Looks pretty nice, but again, the pricetag for this limited edition watch will be out of reach for most ($300 US equivalent).  Limited to 250 pieces, you bet those lucky Parisians will buy them all up.  More pictures on the jump from Hypebeast below.

ALIFE x colette x Casio G-Shockalife-colette-casio-gshock-01

Casio G-Shock “Men in Rusty Black” “Military Inspired” Pack


Casio will be releasing this new pack consisting of five watches: the Mudman, Gulfman, Frogman, DW5600 and DW6900 (the latter two shown below).  The “Men in Rusty Black” Pack is the name in the Japanese market.  For us in the States, it is titled the “Military Inspired” Series. Read more »

Subcrew Casio G-Shock DW6900 watches


Subcrew will be releasing their unoriginal G-Shock 6900s this coming Wednesday at their UNITY retail stores in Guangzhou, Taipei, Chang Sha, and Shanghai.  There will also be another version yet to be revealed, and will be available exclusively on their online store.  Like we said, these watches are readily available sans special insignia designs on eBay and at your local G-Shock stockist for retail price or less. Read more »



ALIFE’s second collaboration with Casio produces this interesting looking G-Shock DW5600, featuring reverse LCD display, and the cool script on the band: “ALIFE STATE OF MIND”, an ode to NY hip-hop artist Nas’ song, New York State of Mind.  Read more »

GOODENOUGH x Casio G-Shock DW5600


Japanese retailer Tokishirazu celebrates their 7th anniversary on February 7th, 2009, with a G-Shock collaboration with Japanese street brand Goodenough. Read more »

Subcrew x G-Shock…WEAK.


If you read our posts here at EO, we’ve been upbeat about G-Shocks as of late.  However, don’t take this one as hate against these watches, but rather at a weak attempt to sell more “limited watches”: Subcrew, a HK-based brand (I’m not familiar with them), is releasing a “special” line of Casio G-Shocks.

By looking at this initial picture, all they have done is to place their logos and designs on Casio’s Crazy Colors line and other regular G-Shocks that you can buy off eBay or Amazon.  When something like this is released as a “collaboration”, expect them to charge an absurd markup amount over the “regular” product.  They could have chose to do something more original, but many hypebeasts out there will probably care less.  I’ve seen many of them think that G-Shocks were only sold by exclusive boutiques in trendy locations, costing as much as their shoes…many of them do not realize that their local Target and Walmart also carry these fine watches as well.

Subcrew x Casio G-Shock

Haze x Casio G-Shock DW5600EH-7

Finally got my newest G-Shock! I absolutely love the “Haze” EL backlight, and the fact that its part of the 25th Anniversary Collection (means that Casio can charge more $). The DW5600 is not the nicest looking G-Shock nowadays because it is based on the original G-Shock (DW5000), but with the nice white color and Haze logo, this is definitely a must-have watch for any G-Shock fan. Obviously, retro never goes out of style. I now have two G-Shocks in my collection now, with one on the way. I think I am officially hooked, and pondering on which model to buy next!




Casio G-Shock x Eric Haze DW5600EH-7

Like many others in this country, I’ve really put off buying a lot of things that I don’t need with the down economy. However, the “collector” bug within me has decided to say screw it: I just won this on eBay, but won’t get it until probably close to Christmas (my present to myself). The Casio G-Shock celebrated its 25th Anniversary this year, and has released a few watches to celebrate it. This DW5600 is the third G-Shock watch designed by renowned graffiti artist Eric Haze, who also has designed for New Balance and Nike (Love my Haze Dunks). For me, this will be my second third G-Shock watch (I just sold my second one that I got cheap to my buddy).

My first G-Shock and the one that I wear everyday is the GW-330A, which I had to buy after seeing at Costco for $29.99 last year. It features cool technologies such as atomic timekeeping AND solar-power (no batteries!). It is identical to this one, but has a chrome bezel instead of gold. Definitely a good watch for the price that I paid. I guess I’m addicted to these now (goodbye shoes)!

Casio G-Shock x Eric Haze

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