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Bucket of Fail: Nike Vunk: Air Max 95 x Dunk

air-max-95-dunk-vunk-01Nike has finally done the inevitable: The Dunk and the Air Max 95 have been “hybridized”, and here is the result.  Obviously, we too also reached for a trash recepticle when we also saw it.  Apparently called the “Vunk”, the first release coming later this year is thankfully only to be Read more »

Nike Air Max 95 - Fresh Water/Neutral Grey

air-max-95-freshwater-01Well, it looks like 2009 will be a year that Nike releases more variations of the Air Max 95 in the classic black-to-grey gradient coloring. Last year, Nike re-released their OG Neon and Chili Red colorways, which have been previously sold before in the past few years.  Read more »

Nintendo Wii x Nike Air Max 95

Air Max 95 Wii

Nike continues their trend of using gaming systems that we all love and play to produce shoes that hopefully will sell.  The latest victim shoe to be applied the treatment is the ever favorite Air Max 95, which every running shoe connoisseur must have.  Read more »

Nike Air Max Light Air Max 95 Inspired


Of all the Air Maxes, the Air Max 95 original colorway (neon) is the most noticeable and popular with running fans.  Here’s the latest Air Max to get the 95 treatment.  The Air Max Light, similar to the Air Max 1, has been getting a lot of attention from collectors lately with many releases as of late.  Personally, I prefer the original (the Air Max 1), but of course, certain colors when done right capture our attention. Read more »

Nike Air Max 95 Classic

nike-air-max-95-neonJust in case you missed out for the 133th time (How many times does Nike need to retro this classic?), has the latest limited release of the quinessential Nike Air Max running shoe for $170 USD.  The style number is 313111-071, which is the same SKU as the pair that came out in 2006, the same year as the History of Air Pack which saw Nike retro all its Air Max runners, and when I completed my collection.

Nike Air Max 95 Classic

Casio G-Shock DW6900CS-1

After waiting three long weeks, I finally received it in the mail!

blog-casio-dw6900cs1Casio G-Shock DW6900CS-1

Read more »

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