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Nintendo Wii x Nike Air Max 95

Air Max 95 Wii

Nike continues their trend of using gaming systems that we all love and play to produce shoes that hopefully will sell.  The latest victim shoe to be applied the treatment is the ever favorite Air Max 95, which every running shoe connoisseur must have.  When you mix it with the Nintendo Wii, it obviously should be fabuous considering how successful the Wii has been for Nintendo.  I’m not big on use of patent leather on the 95s, let alone on any Nikes, but the patent seems subtle for this pair.  However, the color scheme for the Wii console seems to be white and blue, of which this shoe seems to be missing of.  The tongue looks uber cool, resembling the on/off button on the console.


This 95 will be likely be a general release, most likely at Footaction as you see their watermarks on the original pictures. These aren’t bad looking at all, but because they’re “Wii inspired”, I’ll bet many people will want them for that fact only.  From a runners standpoint, there hasn’t been a nice colorway in awhile (Retroing the Neons for the 20th time doesn’t count). I still have yet to get the NES inspired Air BW Classics that I was raving about before.  More pictures from KicksOnFire on the jump.

Nike Air Max 95 - Nintendo Wii Inspired - Detailed Pictures

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