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Nike Air Max 1 Re-Release

Lately, I have been keeping my word by not buying any new shoes…and with ugly releases more than ever, I know that I am doing my wallet and closet a favor.  So what’s new in the Nike world?  Just another re-release…meh!

In the past few months, Nike has re-released many of their original Air Maxes, and it’s finally the Air Max 1’s turn.  This shoe is my favorite, but why does Nike bring this out again when I got my pair on clearance three years ago?  Because it still sells for some reason, and this time it will be a Quickstrike, so those who are hypebeasts won’t sleep and pay $$ because they missed out on these in 2006.  I have my pair that I got thanks a hookup, and won’t be selling my pair.  Maybe I should’ve got more, as there were still pairs available on clearance when all the Air Max re-releases (sans 95 and 90) failed to sell at the FootLocker stores.  Click to the link below from the Berlin, Germany’s Overkill shop for more details.

Overkill: Nike Air Max 1 Coming Back Soon

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