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Michael Jackson Public Memorial Service

As everyone knows, the Michael Jackson Public Memorial Service is the event to go to this week.  We put in for a pair of tickets for the service in Los Angeles, and we get this:


Doh!  Rest in peace MJ!

Amazon: 99 Perfectly Relaxing Songs $1

99-perfectly-relaxing-songsAmazon has 99 Perfectly Relaxing Songs MP3 downloads for $1. Be sure to select Buy Entire Album to get all 99 songs for $1.

99 Perfectly Relaxing Songs $1

Amazon: Diana Krall- The Look of Love

diana-krall-look-of-loveAmazon has Diana Krall’s The Look of Love album available for download for only $1.99 on MP3 format. I actually own this CD (Got mine through BMG), so I highly recommend this for your listening pleasure and for your iPod jazz rotation. Not only can this lady can sing and is married to fellow jazz artist Elvis Costello, but she writes her music and plays the piano as well!

Diana Krall: Look of Love MP3 Download

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