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Make $17k a month business- SOLD!

fishfreeAs I’m writing this, OMG- I can’t believe this website(s) business sold for $250,000 via Buy It Now. That’s right, you read this correctly, somebody paid $250,000 for a couple of flash gaming websites generating about $18,000 a month. I wonder how they are going to handle this transaction… “hey, PayPal me $250K right now” or “wire me $250k” or “send me a nice check for $250k”. Then what?

Who has that sort of money these days anyway? I thought we were in a tight downward spiral of a recession… nobody should have that kind of money, should they? Perhaps a loan at 3%? Cold hard cash sitting in a locker? Mad props to this sale though… here’s the lowdown:

Websites sold: Read more »

Dying for a niche business? Holy Urns is your ticket

holyurnOkay, let’s get serious now. Death is a very sensitive topic. But what about buying a niche business dependent on the dearly departed and their families? Today, we will take a look at what $15,000 USD can get you these days in this niche death business. No pun intended, but who’s “dying” to get into the “urn” business? You got it… is an unique niche site that sells over 700 different cremation urns and accessories. Read more »

Who wants a $11,700 website?

Here we have a wonderful PR5 website called that currently generates no more than $100/month in revenue. Is this worth $11k+? Google shows 3 backlinks on this website. Haters are already pouring in on this auction. You be the judge of this madness.

Hater 1:

extremely over priced. I will offer $500 as that is all a PR5 domain is worth.

Hater 2:

6 years old but has an Alexa rating of 12 and a half million. Why not post some verifiable stats? Without them this just looks ridiculous. Read more » is for sale

Here’s the lowdown on this 4+ year old resume parking website called Starting bid at $500, Buy it Now: $7500. Deal or no deal? This site has potential with a PR1, but asking $7500 is quite high for something that does NOT generate any or much monthly revenue. Maybe it will blow up to become a social networking ‘resume’, ‘career’, ‘job’ building portal. Who knows?

For sale is my resume building website CVPARK.COM


CVPARK is a resume publishing website, one of its kind, where users are able to create their detailed resumes, publish them online, or send the unique url of their resumes to the prospective employers during job or academic applications.

The the results of the poll ran among the members show that at least 65 % of the cvpark users are planning to use their cvpark urls in their job applications (See the image attached).
CVPARK eliminates the need for sending bulky .doc or .pdf files during each application. It also provides a standard format for all resumes thus enabling easy and time efficient evaluation of the applications. Read more »

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