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Staples Customer Appreciation Week 10% Off In-Store Coupon


Staples is celebrating Customer Appreciation Week with a 10% off coupon for in-store purchases through May 2nd. Exclusions include, but not limited to, computers, laptops, phone cards, gift cards, and postage stamps.  Click below and print to save!

Staples Customer Appreciation Week 10% Off In-Store Coupon Expires May 2nd

Free Download: Linux 101 Hacks E-book

linux-tux-born-2-fragNeed to learn how to hack Tux the penguin? offers a Free Download of Linux 101 Hacks eBook. Click below and enter password linuxrocks (case sensitive) and click “Submit” to get the free download. Linux 101 Hacks E-book

Microsoft Mappoint 2006

Microsoft MapPoint 2006 is one of the leading products on the market for your mapping solutions. Everything Outlet just received an expanded inventory of MapPoint products, including 2009 as well. MapPoint 2006 has a retail price of $299.99, but click on the link below for EO’s very special discounted price!

Microsoft MapPoint 2006 (No-GPS Academic Edition)

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Intuit TurboTax 2008 Deluxe Federal + State

Its been 2009 almost a month already, and it’s that time again…yup, time to get back some money, or for some of us, to give back generously to our country.  With April 15th just a few months away, many of us are starting to get our taxes done.  Here at EO, we carry a full-line of tax products for your needs.  We highly recommend Intuit’s TurboTax 2008 Deluxe, that includes filing for Federal and State; it also allows you to “e-file” as well.  I have used TurboTax before, and like its step-by-step guidance, which allows you to import data from other TurboTax programs, and Intuit programs like Quicken and Quickbooks.  In addition, 2008 Deluxe will also help you maximize your deductions that you may able to take as well!  If have other investments, or own a business, EverythingOutlet has a variety of tax programs for your 2008 tax return needs. Don’t file at the last minute!

TurboTax 2008 Deluxe (Federal + State + eFile) for WIN and MAC

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Adobe Acrobat Pro 9

Today’s featured product is the Adobe Acrobat Pro 9. This is the quintessential program needed for today’s publishing needs. Since 1993, Adobe has been the leader in document management software (whether we like it or not). One of the neatest features that Pro 9 now has is FLASH support, which enables you to insert .flv or H.264 video for playback and not just as an attached file. And you though Acrobat was just for reading!

Here at Everythingoutlet, your price for Acrobat Pro 9 is just $179.50 with free shipping while supplies last!

Adobe Acrobat at

Corel WordPerfect

Corel’s WordPerfect is one of the most complete word processing programs on the market today, and a great alternative to Microsoft Word. Did you know that WordPerfect was one of the most popular word processing programs back in the 1980’s and 90’s? I do remember using WP back in high school in one of my English classes, but it was comparatively primitive because it was DOS-based. It pioneered the concept of using the “alt” button function, which programs like Word also utilize. However, the great thing about WP was its wide availability to be supported by different platforms. At EO, we offer a full-line of WP software, from the basic WordPerfect 10, to the WordPerfect Office 12 Standard, and powerful WordPerfect Office X3. Or just click on the link below to find the WordPerfect product that suits your needs. Cheap Corel WordPerfect Software & More!

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Top 10 product listing at Stay updated with their RSS feed for the latest antivirus & internet security software solution.

Lowest price on Quickbooks Simple Start 2009

$42.95 + shipping- What a steal! We first laid eyes on this new 2009 software title at for a whooping $79.99.  Software found here at EverythingOutlet for $42.95.  It’s getting quite competitive out there in the software biz as our feeds and newsletter pulled down prices ranging from $48 (shipped), $55+, and now has it for $65 and some change. The latest information has this Quickbooks 2009 Simple Start in its brand new retail box for $42.95 + $4 shipping = $46.95. It’s a fairly scaled down version with features for the newbie, but it still gets the job done and helps you organize your business finances. Read more »

Trend Micro Internet Security 2009 for $17.99

Here’s the scoop: This new 2009 software suite offers 1 year protection for up to 3 PC’s! Hot dang. Trend Micro Internet Security 2009 suite (3 PC) for only $17.99. The breakdown: that’s about $6 per PC, right? If you’re looking for a deal and looking for protection, please check out the software here. Forgot to mention that this software is Vista compatible. So for all you Vista lovers out there, stop complaining! It will work.

With Trend Micro Internet Security, you no longer need to choose between computer performance and maximum protection. Get smart, proven security that never sleeps, guarding your PC from the latest threats while giving you the freedom to browse and shop online. Safeguard your PC and your personal information without compromise.

  • Easy-to-use protection for your home network, identity, and online activities from the present and future web threats
  • Home Protection for up to 3 PCs
  • Over 40% lighter on memory, nearly 50% faster bootup time
  • Customizable security for your home PCs
  • Designed to identify and stop attacks before they happen

Software found at

Adobe Photoshop Elements 7- $79.99

Adobe comes out with another version of Photoshop program that keeps up with today’s fast changing technologies… Adobe Photoshop Elements 7

Adobe obviously pays attention to what’s hot these days. And online photo sharing is more popular than ever, with sites like Flickr and Facebook and programs like Apple iPhoto keeping people connected through photos, blogs, and blurbs. With Photoshop Elements 7 ($100, or $150 when bundled with Premiere Elements 7 video-editing software; in private beta, due in October), Adobe provides ties to its new online service,, and adds enough fresh features to the desktop app itself to make version 7 a worthy upgrade. Read more »

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