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About time…Toyota FT-86 Concept

Toyota has finally answered the prayers of the many enthusiasts wishing for a “fun” car, rather than the boring and uninspiring lineup that they have now.  While only a concept at this point, we hope this vehicle comes into production close to what you see here.  Even better, check this trailer from Gran Turismo 5!  Click to more photos from Autoblog.

YouTube Preview Image

Lexus HS Drive Promotion

Want a chance to drive a 2010 HS250h for a week? How about a whole year?

2010-lexus-hs-250h Read more »

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Adrenaline Tour

As we said before, Toyota is just getting started with its development of the highly talked about coupe with Subaru, so we are forced to look elsewhere for at the newest rear-wheel drive coupe on the market today.  The new Hyundai Genesis Coupe has answered that call.  Right now, the vehicles are slowly circulating into dealerships, so finding one that you would want can be challenging (We would love to have a 2.0T Track model).

For us enthusiasts, Hyundai will be putting their Coupe on the Adrenaline Tour nationwide in the United States.  Click below to view the schedule of stops and to register to drive.  The only stipulation is that you must be 18 and licensed to drive; usually, events like this the minimum age is 21 for insurance purposes, so you youngsters are lucky.

2010-hyundai-genesis-coupeHyundai Genesis Coupe Adrenaline Tour

Complimentary Autoweek Subscription One Year

autoweek-magazineI have been an Autoweek subscriber for many, many years, but recently my subscription ran out since they switch to a bi-weekly format.  However, I’m lucky that I found this offer, so I can possibly get another year but this time, complimentary.  Thanks to Freebiz below, click and hope that you qualify for this awesome offer!  Hurry, as supplies are LIMITED!

Complimentary Autoweek Subscription One Year


Complimentary Autoweek Subscription One Year (Alternate)

N.C. State student accused of creating barrel monster


We think this is a stroke of genius.  Sucks that this NC State student is getting the book thrown at him for being creative on an otherwise boring highway construction zone.  It is definite good publicity if it was connected to the upcoming Tranformers movie.  Click below for Autoblog’s take on the “Barrel Monster”.

Barrel Fever: NC State student arrested for creating Barrel Monster

Will be right back, need to run to the toilet to hurl


Words can not describe this monstrosity, click below to not see more of this Swiss-made abomination.  Obviously, red and gold appeal to those living in the UAE.

Ueli Anliker Mercedes-Benz SLR

Pep Boys $10 off $30 Printable Coupon


Yes the good ol’ boys Manny, Moe, and Jack at Pep Boys is offering a $10 off $30 or more with this Printable Coupon for in-store purchases, and may be used through April 25, 2009.

Pep Boys $10 off $30 Printable Coupon

BYD S6…looks so much like a Lexus RX!

Notice any similarity? In case you didn’t know, the first one is the Lexus RX (RX400h Hybrid), and the other one is all new BYD S6.



Apparently, Lexus 2nd generation RX (3rd generation just released) has been cloned by Chinese car company BYD, but this isn’t surprising, as there’s already clones of other Japanese and European cars (why no American?).  This one is quite funny because even the wheels (from the RX400h) were also cloned in the process. This is also the same Read more »

Toyobaru Coupe=8th Generation Celica?

next toyota celica?

The on-again, off-again, Toyota/Subaru joint venture coupe could be the next Celica…again, it is just here-say until we see an actual car or hear official word from the big T. If this were to be true, this means that the Celica would return to its roots as rear-wheel drive car.  Read more »

Nissan Stream Z Turbo


When we last showed you a Nissan 240SX, it was a prime example of what tuning is all about.  Today, we show you another 240SX, but this would be a fine example of what NOT TO DO to your car.  Even though this person got it somehow right by converting his Nissan 240SX (or S13 or 180SX if you want to be JDM) to Right Hand Drive, Read more »

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