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Haze x Casio G-Shock DW5600EH-7

Finally got my newest G-Shock! I absolutely love the “Haze” EL backlight, and the fact that its part of the 25th Anniversary Collection (means that Casio can charge more $). The DW5600 is not the nicest looking G-Shock nowadays because it is based on the original G-Shock (DW5000), but with the nice white color and Haze logo, this is definitely a must-have watch for any G-Shock fan. Obviously, retro never goes out of style. I now have two G-Shocks in my collection now, with one on the way. I think I am officially hooked, and pondering on which model to buy next!




Who wants a $11,700 website?

Here we have a wonderful PR5 website called that currently generates no more than $100/month in revenue. Is this worth $11k+? Google shows 3 backlinks on this website. Haters are already pouring in on this auction. You be the judge of this madness.

Hater 1:

extremely over priced. I will offer $500 as that is all a PR5 domain is worth.

Hater 2:

6 years old but has an Alexa rating of 12 and a half million. Why not post some verifiable stats? Without them this just looks ridiculous. Read more »

1TB for under $100!

Here’s not one but two 1 TB HD’s for under $100 shipped available online right now with FREE SHIPPING (also, no tax for those outside of California), with the first one being an internal and the second one external:

Newegg has the 1TB Hitachi Deskstar 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive (OEM) for $79.99 after $30 Rebate with free shipping (Click on the picture for the jump). has the 1TB Fantom G-Force External USB2.0 Hard Drive Dual Interface for $89.99 after $30 rebate with free shipping (Again, click on the picture for the jump).

2010 Toyota Prius with Blueman Group

Pictures of the third generation Toyota Prius already leaked out on the Internet months ago, but here is the actual video of the new car, but with the Blue Man Group. Read more »

OfficeMax Verbatim Recordable DVD+R or DVD-R 100 pack $15 w/coupon!

OfficeMax is selling either Verbatim Recordable DVD+R or DVD-R 100 pack for $25.  If you remember that special OM coupon that we had posted last week (shown here below for you), print that coupon out, take it to the actual store (can’t use it for online purchases) and buy it for $15!  Ain’t that a great deal!

OfficeMax $10 off $20 purchase (PRINT THIS FIRST THEN GO TO OFFICEMAX)

My Autoblog contribution!

I sent in this tip to Autoblog a week before Christmas…and they finally put the story even as it was “old news” (Automotive News and other industry/news sources had already reported on it): Two more executives from Chrysler were leaving, one of them coming from luxury sales leader Lexus just a year before. Thanks to Autoblog for the acknowledgment!

Meyer & Murtaugh leave Chrysler LLC

After Christmas Shopping/Lamborghini Gallardo

Happy Friday to everyone…did you get out there for some after-Christmas shopping?  The only thing I could find that was a deal was this memory card: If you are close to a Fry’s, this would be a nice pickup for $1 after rebate.  It’s sold out online, so if you’re near a Fry’s, you still might be able to find one in-store (Sale ends this Sunday).  They also had some good deals on TVs as well so I definitely recommend a trip to Fry’s.

Here’s your car-of-the-day courtesy of Autoblog.  Looks Buff!

Reiter Engineering Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 Strada

Merry Christmas!

To all the online shoppers out there… we just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Bruno Magli: Selling like hotcakes in Iraq


If you followed (soon-to-be-former) President Bush’s trek to Iraq, he was greeted pleasantly by an Iraqi journalist with a shoe. Did you know that he was wearing Bruno Maglis? This shoe was also worn by the Juice during that infamous night in June 1994. Sales of Bruno Magli shoes are skyrocketing as we speak. Let me see here…perhaps we should throw some HDMI cables (Disclaimer: We do not advocate throwing things at government officials, as that may lead to prosecution and deportation).

No Biz like the Shoe Biz!

Rolls Royce Phantom Mobile Phone Store in India

This is a first, a “mobile” phone store…you can only find this in India. We here at EO are jealous nonetheless, but we know in reality, we wouldn’t be able to carry all our inventory in the trunk of this auspicious vehicle.

Rolls Royce Phantom Cell phone store

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